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Keep your Stream alive!

Manage your chat, mention comments and keep your viewers entertained with the game you are playing!

How to Play


All your actions can decrease, maintain or increase your viewers. Viewers get more excited depending on your actions but don’t excite them too much or they will start becoming aggressive.

On the chat

You can click on the message to mention it on the stream. This may help to boost viewers and increase excitement.

Use the clock button to remove the current message. That will lower the personal excitement of that viewer. But censor someone that is already not that interested and they might leave the stream.

The block button will ban the user from your chat. Banning someone may lead to more people leaving your stream. So make sure that they are very aggressive.

The auto-moderator will highlight messages that are too aggressive for the stream! Make sure to remove them and even maybe ban the user that sent it.

On the Stream

You can change the game if you think your viewers are becoming too annoyed with it. If they are aggressive, that might help to help them get interested again and more people will join your stream. But be careful! Changing the game while most of your viewers are enjoying it might lead to them leaving your stream.

You also can rage at game that will help your viewers getting more excited and may even bring more viewers if most of them are interested enough. If most of them seem to be not liking your stream, this will only make them even angrier with you.

Donations will reflect the general excitement of your viewers.


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