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Tetrisn't is an amazing VR game that was developed for the 2021 Epic MegaJam.

Build a 3x3x3 cube with the blocks around you to score points before you run out of space! 

Use the VR motion controllers to grab and move the blocks.

Use both hands to rotate the blocks inside and near the grid.

You can point-and-grab using the laser to attract far away blocks towards you!

Use left stick to teleport and right stick to turn.

Jam diversifiers

  • Is This Real Life? - VR Game.
  • Procedural Magicians - Uses Houdini from SideFX.
  • Tiny Award - Game is less than 150MB.

The team

Gabriel Ramos (@toddsdk) - Game Programmer

Israel Picanço Lenzi (@MahouTangerino) - 3D Artist

Luiz Freire (@PlaayL) - Game Programmer, 3D Artist

Patrick Stefano (@ptkstefano) - Sound Designer

Mobile VR version

Shortly after the jam was over, we also compiled the version for Oculus Quest!

Download it here!


TetrisntTeam_Tetrisnt.zip 131 MB

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